Feeling guilty for buying yet another new book?

Toss those feelings aside because here are the reasons why shopping at your favourite bookshop is for the greater good. 

1. You Keep Dollars in the Community

When you shop at your local bookshop, the money you spend stays in the community, benefiting other local businesses, schools and hospitals.

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2. You Take Advantage of Expertise

There's a reason why booksellers do the work they do - they are huge book lovers! They're passionate about reading and keen to share their bookish knowledge & recommendations with you.

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3. You Create More Choice

Bookshops pick the books they sell based on what they know their customers like and want. Through your purchases, local bookshops are able to curate a unique and varied selection of books, as well as support independent publishers & local writers. 

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4. You Help The Environment 

Buying from a local bookshop means less fuel for transportation, less packaging and a HAPPIER EARTH!  

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5. You Help The Next Generation

Bookshops help raise money and donations for local schools, charities and sporting clubs, contributing to their neighbourhood's welfare and future. 

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If you'd like to help support Australian literacy, make sure to visit your favourite bookshop on #loveyourbookshopday on Sat Aug 11.

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