Tell us the origin story of your bookshop

I had never worked in a bookshop but was a massive reader. My friend and I saw the shop for lease. Decided we should open a bookshop. Borrowed money from the bank and 2 months later opened the doors, once we had discovered how to order the books.


What's your favourite bookselling memory?

There are so many. Probably finding the great people who make The Sun Bookshop and The Younger sun what they are.


What do you tell people (or wish you could tell people) who say bookselling is a dying industry?

What are You? Crazy!


What books make you happiest to see people buying?

Any books at all. But especially Australian titles.


What are you reading right now?

Silver the new Chris Hammer.  Next is The Eighth Life by Nino Haratischvili


-- Reading Recommendation --

Someone comes in looking for a present for their sister who works in a bookshop. She loves to read everything and anything but has a million books already. What would you recommend?

A New and Fabulous Cookbook or M’am Darling by Craig Brown  (I do not think many people bought this hilarious book) Or how about a Gift Voucher.


You can say hello to Deb and all the other Bookseller Heroes at The Sun Bookshop on Love Your Bookshop Day. But you won't catch them behind the counter! Instead, your books will be scanned by the people who make them - the publishers will be your booksellers for the day. 

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